Restore your site with Akeeba Backup

joomlaOnce you've created a backup, it's good practice to test your backup!  This article shows you how to restore your site using Akeeba Backup.



Here are the steps to restoration...

  1. Copy the .jpa archive into the root of your new or existing site.
  2. Extract the Akeeba file.
  3. Browse to the kickstart.php file.
  4. Read the pop-up and press Esc to close the message.
  5. Click Start.
  6. Click Run the Installer (this will open a new window, keep the old window open for now).
  7. Click Next for the first screen.
  8. Confirm the database details and click Next.
  9. Click Ok when the database restoration is finished.
  10. Check the site details and click Next.
  11. You can now close this window.
  12. Click the Clean Up button.

Restoration is now complete and you can visit your site using one of the buttons provided.


User guide

If you'd like to find out more, the Akeeba Backup user guide is a really useful resource.

pdfAkeeba Backup user (5.6 MB)