Installation Wizard for a Matomo install

matomoOnce you have made the initial preparations, you are ready to browse to the website and follow the installation wizard.

Installation Wizard

Start by browsing to your website, where you will be presented with Welcome screen.

  1. Click Next.
  2. On the System Check page attend to any Errors or Warnings.
  3. Click Next once all issues are sorted.
  4. Enter your database details and click Next and then Next again.
  5. Enter your Username, Password and Email details.
  6. Enter a descriptive Name, URL and Time Zone for a website that you'd like to track.
  7. Click Next (you can come back to this page later).
  8. Click Continue to Matomo.
  9. Login with your user credentials.

You are now ready to install the tracking code for your websites.


Thanks for visiting.