Installing MediaWiki

mediaWikiTo get started with MediaWiki, you'll need a domain name, and you'll need a web host.

This article describes how to install MediaWiki.

Initial preparation

  1. You will need a web hosting solution in order to install Joomla.
  2. You now need to upload and extract the .zip file to your webserver.  You could either use your web host tools to do this, or your favourite FTP client.
  3. Use your web hosts tools, or phpMyAdmin to create a new MySQL database.


Installation Wizard

Browse to your MediaWiki site (eg. and you'll be greeted with the installation wizard.

  1. Click the link setup the wiki.
  2. You will now see the MediaWiki installation screen.
  3. Site Config
    1. Wiki name:  Give your wiki a meaningful name.
    2. Contact email:  Enter an email address for the administrator of the wiki
    3. Language:  Choose your language.
    4. Copyright/license:  Select your preferred copyright setting.
    5. Admin Username:  Enter the admin username.
    6. Password:  Confirm your password.
    7. Object caching:  Default setting of no caching should be okay.
    8. Memcached servers:  Similarly you don't need to set any memcached servers.
  4. E-mail, e-mail notification and authentication setup
    1. The default settings should be fine.
  5. Database config
    1. Database host: This is usually localhost.
    2. Database name:  Enter the name of the database.
    3. DB username:  Enter the database user.
    4. DB password:  Type the password.
    5. You don't need to use any superuser settings.
    6. The database specific options default settings should work well in most setups.
  6. When you're ready click Install MediaWiki!


Once the installation wizard has finished (about 20 seconds) you need to move /config/LocalSettings.php to the root folder.

You should also set file permissions for LocalSettings.php to suit your environment.

Congratulations, your wiki site is now installed!


Thanks for visiting.