Configuring Nextcloud

nextcloudOnce you've installed Nextcloud, the next step is to start configuring your installation.  This article describes some initial configurations that you might find useful

Further configurations

Here are some more intial configurations that you will typically make.

  1. Use Let's Encrypt to ensure that the traffic going to and from your Nextcloud instance is encrypted.
  2. Fix the security and setup warnings.
  3. You will likely want to use SMTP for email settings.
  4. You can add your own theme to your Nextcloud repository.
  5. Configure your Legal notice and Privacy policy.
  6. Make further Privacy settings including letting your users know where their data is stored.
  7. Set a default Language and Locale.
  8. Implement a retention policy for file versions.
  9. Install your preferred Apps.
  10. Create new Users and Groups.


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