Uninstall the ownCloud Client

nextcloudIf you've migrated from ownCloud to Nextcloud, then you might want to remove the ownCloud client.  This article describes the process for a Mac, but it might be similar for Windows.

Configure Startup

The ownCloud client should be running for the first steps.

  1. Click the icon in the notification tray, and select Settings...
  2. Select General
  3. Deselect Launch on System Startup.
  4. Click the icon, and choose Quit ownCloud.


Deleting files

Now you can delete the files that are no longer required.

  1. Move the application to the Trash.
  2. Browse to your Users folder using Finder.
  3. On the menu click Go, and hold down Option key.
  4. Click Library.
  5. In Application Support folder, delete ownCloud folder.
  6. In Preferences folder, delete com.owncloud.desktopclient.plist file.
  7. In Caches folder, delete the com.owncloud.desktopclient folder.


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