Can't login with any account

nextcloudI recently found that I couldn't log on to one of my Nextcloud instances. I would enter the username and password, but the login button wouldn't respond to a click. The following article describes how I fixed it.


  1. Open the /config/config.php file for editing.
  2. Comment out the instanceid line, so that it looks like this:
  3. /* 'instanceid' => 'abcdefg123', */
  4.  Clear the cache on your local browser.
  5. You might also need to clear the cache on your web server.

 I found that this fixed the issue, and I was able to log on once more. It did have to reconfigure the following items to the theme.

  • Logo
  • Login image

The instanceid entry in the config.php file gets recreated and a new directory /data/appdata_uvwxyz123 will appear. I believe you can delete the old appdata_abcdefg123 directory, but I haven't tested this yet...


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