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What is Maintenance mode?

nextcloudMaintenance mode allows you to lock users out of your Nextcloud instance, and perform various server tasks, including upgrades, or resetting locks.  This article describes how to put your Nextcloud site into Maintenance mode.

Edit config.php

Start by accessing your website's root directory.

  1. Open /config/config.php file for editing.
  2. Add the following line and then Save the file.
'maintenance' => true,

Your Nextcloud instance will now be in Maintenance mode.

Disable Maintenance mode

Once you are finished upgrading or resetting locks, you must remember to disable Maintenance mode.

  1. Open /config/config.php for editing.
  2. Delete the 'maintenance' => true, line.

 Save the file once more, and your Nextcloud instance will be back to normal operation.

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