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Manage your passwords with Nextcloud

nextcloudUsing the Passwords app, you can store all your passwords securely on you Nextcloud user account. Using this method you can create a different complex password for everytime you need a password.

Install the Passwords app

Start by logging on with your admin account.

  1. Click your Avatar > Apps.
  2. Click the Download and enable button for the Passwords app.


Here are some initial configurations that I make.

  1. Click More > Settings to open the settings page.
  2. Click the Expert Settings checkbox.
  3. Security:
    1. Password strength (e.g. 3).
    2. Include numbers: Enable option.
  4. User interface:
    1. Initial section: change to Favorite.
    2. Single click action: Show details.
    3. Double click action: Copy password.
    4. Show username in list view: Enable
    5. Show tags in list view: Enable
    6. Share as editable by default: Disable

Mobile phone app

There is a mobile phone app for Android and iOS. Simply install the app on your phone and connect to your Nextcloud account.


Note that there appears to be an issue with the Passwords app, when you delete a Nextcloud account, and then try to create a new user with the same username, it will fail, and you will see a log error 'The username is queued for deletion'. You can disable the Passwords app and then you'll be able to create the new user. Importantly, when you re-enable the Passwords app the old user passwords will be gone.

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