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Configuring how previews work

nextcloudNextcloud will automatically create previews of certain files (images, covers of mp3 and text files). This article describes how you can configure how it works.


The default settings will typically work well for all sites. If you wish to make changes open the config.php file for editing. Browse to /config/config.php and make the following edits as required.

Disable previews

'enable_previews' => false,

Maximum preview size

'preview_max_x' => null,
'preview_max_y' => null,

By default the maximum sizes are set to null, which means that there is no maximum set.

'preview_max_x' => 100,
'preview_max_y' => 100,

This code would set the maximum size to 100 pixels.

Maximum scale factor

'preview_max_scale_factor' => 10,

By default small images will be scaled up by upto a factor of 10. If you have lots of small images that are becoming blurry you can reduce this number. To disable scaling up, you can set this value to 1.

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