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Logging in with Google Workspace credentials

nextcloudWith the Social Login app, users can logon to Nextcloud using Google Workspace. This article describes the process of setting this up.

Installing Social Login

To install Nextcloud apps, you need to perform the following tasks:

  1. Log on with an admin account.
  2. Click your Avatar > Apps.
  3. Search for Social Login.
  4. Click the Download and enable button.

Google Authorized Domain

Start by logging on to Google Workspace with your admin account. Now we can create a Google Authorized Domain.

  1. Browse to Google Webmaster Tools.
  2. In the DOMAIN box, enter your domain (e.g. and click Continue.
  3. Follow the instructions and create a TXT DNS record.
    1. Name:
    2. Value: google-site-verification=0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABC
  4. Click the VERIFY button.
  5. Click GO TO PROPERTY.
  6. Click START.

You should now have a Google Authorized Domain that you'll be able to see in the next step.

Google App

Now you'll be able to setup a Google App.

  1. Browse to the Developers' Console.
  2. Click the Select a project drop-down (top-left).
    1. Click the NEW PROJECT button.
    2. Enter a meaningful Project name (e.g. Social Login).
    3. Click CREATE.
    4. Social Login will now appear in the drop-down as the currently selected project.
  3. Select Credentials in the left pane.
  4. Click the + CREATE CREDENTIALS > OAuth client ID button.
    2. Select the Internal option and click CREATE.
    3. Enter an App name (e.g. Social Login).
    4. Add a User support email. (e.g. your admin email address).
    5. In the Authorized domains section, click the + ADD DOMAIN button.
    6. Enter your root domain (e.g.
    7. Enter a developer Email address.
  5. Select Credentials in the left pane again.
  6. Click the + CREATE CREDENTIALS > OAuth client ID button again.
    1. From the Application type drop-down select Web application.
    2. Name: (e.g. Social Login).
    3. In the Authorized Javascript Origins section, click + ADD URI
    4. Type your website address (e.g.
    5. In the Authorized redirect URIs section, click + ADD URI.
    6. Type the following example:
    7. Click the CREATE button.

You should now see a dialog box showing Client ID and Client secret. Copy these values to a safe place and click OK.

Social Login in Nextcloud

You are now ready to configure the Social Login app in Nextcloud.

  1. Start by logging on to Nextcloud with your admin account.
  2. Go to your Avatar > Administration settings.
  3. In the left pane, select Social login.
  4. Click the Add default provider drop-down and select Google.
  5. App id: The client ID copied from the previous step.
  6. Secret: The Client secret.
  7. Choose a Default group for the user account to be added to (e.g. None).
  8. Allow login only from specified domain: (e.g.
  9. Click Save.

Now you can log out of Nextcloud. and you should see the Login with Google option for logins. I generally find it easier to log in to Google first, and I can log in to Nextcloud in the same browser session.

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