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Install Nextcloud on Ubuntu

nextcloudThis article will describe the procedure for hosting Nextcloud on Ubuntu.

Install Ubuntu

I recommend you start with 2GB memory.

  1. Start by downloading Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
  2. Boot the server using the downloaded Ubuntu software.
  3. Choose your Language.
  4. Select Update to the new installer, to use the latest version of the installer.
  5. Select your Keyboard layout.
  6. Confirm that at least one Network connection is configured properly.
  7. You can typically leave Proxy address as blank.
  8. You can leave the default Mirror address.
  9. Select Use an entire disk for storage.
  10. Click Done, to confirm your Storage configuration, and click Continue to confirm your selection.
  11. Enter the following details:
    1. Your name: (e.g. Steven Pryer)
    2. Your server's name: (e.g. ubuntu-nextcloud)
    3. Pick a username: (e.g. steven)
    4. Choose a password:
  12. Select the option to Install OpenSSH server, so that you can remotely access your server.
  13. From the list of Featured Server Snaps, select nextcloud.

The installation will now be processed, and will typically take about a minute. Click Reboot when it's finished. Ubuntu will now take a few minutes to deploy itself with Nextcloud. Simply browse to your server's IP address to access Nextcloud.

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