Files larger than 10Mb stopped uploading

nextcloudI had a folder that had a mixture of files mostly larger than 10Mb but one that was smaller. I noticed that the smaller file was syncing but all other files didn't. I then tried to manually upload it, using a browser, but the upload failed without giving any error messages.


It felt like it might be a PHP issue, but I checked the PHP values and compared them with a working Nextcloud instance which didn't reveal any differences. I worked with the web host provider, but nothing appeared to be wrong at their end. I didn't know how long this had been an issue, so I didn't feel like it would help by restoring from backups which were only 1 month old. I decided to try upgrading Nextcloud, as this would reinstate up to date versions of the Nextcloud files.


Upgrade Nextcloud

When I tried to run the upgrade, it showed that there was an available update, but the upgrade failed stating that I already had the latest version. I subsequently noticed that there was a .step file in the /data/update-xxxxxx/ folder with the following contents.

{"state": "end", "step":4}

I changed it to:

{"state": "end", "step":1}

...which seemed to reset the upgrade to its first step. I tried the upgrade using a web browser, and it went through without any issues. Simultaneously my issue with files larger than 10Mb was also fixed.


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