How to install phpBB

phpbbphBB can be installed on it's own or in conjunction with a Joomla site.  This article assumes that you have web hosting sorted.

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Installation (stand-alone forum)

  1. Create a folder in the root of the Joomla site (eg /forum).
  2. Extract the phpBB files into this new folder.
  3. Browse to
  4. Select the Install tab.
  5. Click Proceed to next step.
  6. Click Start Install.
  7. Leave DSN and Server port fields empty, enter database name, username and password as per Joomla site.  Leave table prefix as phpbb_.
  8. Assuming a successful connection, click on Proceed to next step.
  9. Enter a administrator username and password (enter them as the same as a Joomla admin account).  Enter the appropriate contact email address.
  10. Click Proceed to next step twice.
  11. Leave all Advanced Settings as default.
  12. Click Proceed to next step.
  13. Congratulations!  You must now delete the /forum/install directory.
  14. Click Login to automatically login as the admin account that you set up.
  15. To access the forum browse to
  16. To manage the forum click on Administration Control Panel at the bottom of the forum.


Install Joomla plugin

You may now need to install the Joomla plugin that will act as a bridge for authentication.  When you integrate phpBB with a Joomla site, you create a single sign-on forum, that is accessible in context with the Joomla site.

  1. First you will need to extract to /tmp/bridge.
  2. Use phpMyAdmin to run /tmp/bridge/others/joomphpbb.sql (select the correct database and go to the SQL tab and pasted the contents of joomphpbb.sql, click on go).
  3. Download /tmp/bridge/others/
  4. From Joomla backend install
  5. Create an external link to


Now for some phpBB hacking

  1. Copy the contents of /tmp/bridge/phpBB 3.04/hacked into /forum (making sure all files are overwritten).
  2. Edit tmp/bridge/bridge/joomphpbb_conf2.phpand change the following...
    1. $joomUrl="";
    2. $joomRel= "../"; // relative path from phpbb
  3. Copy the contents of /tmp/bridge/bridge into /forum (make sure all files are overwritten).


    phpBB Administration Control Panel

    1. Log onto phpBB Administration Control Panel.
    2. Choose Styles tab, install bridgesilver and make it the default.
    3. You can also delete prosilver.
    4. Choose General tab, Client Communication > Authentication, and select Joomla15 as the authentication method, click Submit.
    5. Edit /forum//joomphpbb_conf2.php and change the following...
    6. $joomIntegrate = 3;