How to install qdPM

qdPMYou will need your own web hosting solution to get started. qdPM 9.0 does not support php 7.0 as yet, I'm therefore using PHP 5.6 for this install.


Start by downloading the latest version. Note that at the time of writing this article I'm using qdPM 9.0.

  1. Upload and extract the file to your web host.
  2. Create a new MySQL database (eg. sql_qdpm)
  3. Create a MySQL user account (e.g. qdpm_user) and note the password.
  4. Give the user Full access to the database.
  5. Browse to the website.
  6. There will be an Environment check.
  7. All being well you can click the Database Config button.
  8. Enter the Database config details.
    1. I left the Database Port field blank.
  9. Click Install Database.
  10. Enter an Email and Password for the Admin account.
    1. The Admin account can only manage users and configuration and can’t create tasks or projects
  11. Enter an Application name (e.g. School Projects).
  12. Enter a Short name (e.g. projects).
  13. Enter an Email label (e.g. This is the Subject title).
  14. Click Save.
  15. Click Login as Administrator.

Note that if you are installing qdPM Extended you will now need to copy the product_key.txt file to the following location:



Remove Install Folder

Once your installation is complete you will need to remove the install folder.

  1. Using your preferred file manager, browse to the root directory.
  2. Completely remove the /install directory.

You are now ready to start configuring qdPM.


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