Fixing the CSRF error

qdPMFor some reason, I was unable to login to qpdm, due to a reported 'CSRF error'. This article describes how I overcame this.

Browser address

Note that recently I found that all I had to do was change the browser address from:


Start again

On another occasion, and after much investigation with no luck, I had to resort to a clean build and restore from the most recent qdpm backup.

  1. Start by putting your current database and web files to one side.
  2. Install qdpm as usual.
  3. Create an admin account.
  4. Copy the latest backup file to the /backup folder.
  5. Copy the contents of the /uploads folder from the old site.
  6. Login as the newly created admin account.
  7. Run the qdpm restore from backup
    1. This will recover all projects, tasks, user accounts and more.
    2. Note that this will potentially overwrite the newly created admin account.
  8. I then added the login screen image, and the logo.
  9. I added my own favicon.ico and favicon.png files.

The clean built install of qdpm no longer suffered from the CSRF issue.



My qdpm backup wasn't as recent as I wanted, so I also restored missing Project and Task comments manually using phpMyAdmin.


Chrome and Firefox

I also followed the advice from this article, but it didn't seem to help.

Interestingly I recently found that this error only occured on my Firefox browser. Once I find a better solution, I will naturally update my notes.


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