How to migrate your qdPM website

qdPMIf you'd like to move your project management system to different web host, or new subdomain, this article will describe the procedure.

Database migration

We will start by exporting the database.

  1. Open phpMyAdmin.
  2. Select your exising database in the left pane.
    1. Select the Export tab.
    2. Click Go to perform a quick SQL export.
  3. Select your empty destination database.
    1. Select the Import tab.
    2. Click the Choose file button, and browse to your newly downloaded .sql file.
    3. Click Go to import the data.

Your data has now been migrated to a new database.

Copy files

Copy all web files from your existing host to the new one.


Final configuration changes

Before accessing your new instance of qdPM, make these final changes

  1. Empty the core/cache folder
  2. Open the core/config/databases.yml file for editing.
  3. Change the following entries
username: my_db_username
password: "my_db_password"

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