Configuring your CRM installation

sugarcrmConfiguring Sugar CRM to your own specification is a natural first step.  Here are some to configurations that you will want to make.


  1. To brand CRM by adding your own logo do not use Admin > System Settings > Logo.  Instead simply upload your company_logo.png to the relevant theme/images folder.  When updating png files make sure that your new file is the same dimensions, SugarCRM will distort it otherwise.
  2. Favicon is located - include/images/sugar_icon.ico
  3. Login welcome logo is located - include/images/sugar_md.png
  4. To change the footer to include "Built by..." edit the function displayFooter() in \include\MVC\View\SugarView.php


Add a new user

  1. To add a new user choose Admin > User Management and then choose Create New User from the shortcuts menu on the left.
  2. Change the locale settings to suit.
  3. In the layout options choose the tabs that you would like this user to see.
  4. For Navigation choose grouped modules.
  5. Most of these settings can be changed by clicking on My Account after you have logged on.


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