Restoring Sugar CRM

sugarcrmThe only excercise more important than a backup, is the restoration!  There are 2 components to be aware of with a Sugar CRM restoration, namely the Sugar files and more importantly the database.

Sugar Files

  1. If you are only restoring your existing Sugar installation (ie. using the same database name) you can simply copy the Sugar files into the web site folder from your backup file.
  2. If however you are migrating or rebuilding the Sugar installation from scratch using a different database name you will initially need to use the Sugar CRM installation files (see installing Sugar CRM).
  3. If you have used the Sugar installation files, your branding will no longer be visible.  To reinstate your branding simply copy the folders /include/images and /themes.


MySQL Database

  1. Using phpMyAdmin select the newly created database (or your existing database if you are simply restoring an existing installation).
  2. Select the Importtab.
    1. Browse to the SQL file.
    2. Click Go, all existing Tables will be dropped.
  3. Edit /config.php
    1. db_name: Enter your new MySQL database if you've created a new one.
    2. host_name:  Enter your new hostname (if applicable).
    3. site_url:  Enter your new URL (if applicable).


Your Sugar CRM installation should now be fully restored.


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