How to add subtitles and captions

vimeoVimeo supports a number of subtitle formats. For this article I'm using the Vimeo recommended WebVTT format.

Create your .vtt file

Start by creating a text file with a .vtt extension. Here is an example:


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:07.000
Welcome to my video

NOTE end of file

 This example file will display the words 'Welcome to my video' from 1 to 7 seconds.



Now you can login to Vimeo.

  1. Go to Manage videos > My videos.
  2. Click the Settings icon for the video that you want to add captions to.
  3. Select Advanced in the left pane.
  4. Click the Choose file button, and browse to your newly created .vtt file.
    1. The file should hopefully upload successfully.
  5. Set the Status to on.
  6. Choose the Language of the caption (e.g. English).
  7. Choose Type (e.g. Subtitles).


Subtitles vs Caption

Subtitles assume the viewer can hear, and are used for translation, whereas captions are aimed at viewers who are deaf. I typically use subtitles, so that my voice can be translated.


Advance .vtt files

For more information about creating .vtt files you might look at this article from a Mozilla developer.


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