Creating Access Keys

wasabiAccess Keys provide the method by which third party applications can use the Wasabi API to gain access to your buckets. This article describes the creation and management of Access Keys.

Create an Access Key

Often you will configure an API Access Key when creating an API user account. For completeness here is how to add an Access Key to an existing user account.

  1. Start by logging on with a Console user account with admin permissions.
  2. Select the IAM tab.
  3. Expand the left menu by clicking the menu button.
  4. Click Users in the left pane.
  5. Click the UserName for the user account that you wish to create the Access Key for.
  6. Select the API Access tab.
  7. Optionally delete any existing User Keys.
  8. Click the Create New Access Key button.
  9. Click the Download CSV button and save the credentials.csv file.

The details in the credentials.csv file will allow you to configure your third party application.

Here is an example:

User Name Access Key Id Secret Access Key



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