How to empty a bucket

wasabiIf you have a large number of files stored in a bucket, this article will describe the quickest way to delete them.

Small number of files

If you have a small number of files (less than a few hundred) you can delete them directly.

  1. Browse to and log on with your user account.
  2. Select Buckets in the left pane.
  3. Click your bucket to open it and show any contents.
  4. Increase the Rows per page to 100.
  5. Select all objects.
  6. Click 3dots and choose Delete.


Delete the bucket

If you have thousands of objects, there is a quicker way to get rid of them all. Before deleting a bucket you might want to check its Settings 3dotscog to see if it has any Policies written for it directly. I tend to create separate policies, so I typically find this is blank.

  1. Select Buckets in the left pane.
  2. Click 3dotsto the right of your bucket and choose Delete.
  3. Click the Create bucket button.
  4. Recreate your bucket using the same name as before.

You will now have a newly created bucket with the same name as before, but it will of course be empty!


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