WordPress configurations

wordpressOnce you've installed your WordPress blog site, you'll want to configure it to your own preferences. Here are some of the details that you might want to have control over.


  1. First you might want to install an alternative theme.  To do this simply copy the theme files to the /wp-content/themes directory.
  2. To adjust your theme, login to the Admin page and go to Appearance > Theme Options.  Here you will be typically be able to set the favicon, and other branding logos for the site.
  3. To use your logos instead of some of the default logos, replace the following logos in the wp-admin/images directory:  wordpress-logo.png, logo-login.gif



  1. Go to Appearance > Widgets to add widgets to different areas of your blog site.



There are many useful plugins for your Wordpress site, here are some that I've tried, tested and liked...

  1. recaptcha



  1. Under Settings > General you can decide what level newly registered users will be, and you can adjust your Blog Title and tag line if you want to.
  2. Of course you will want to assign different roles to users who want to access your blog.  Here is a really useful page that describes the different roles users can have.


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