Streaming from Zoom to YouTube

YouTubeThis article describes how to set up a YouTube livestream, that streams from Zoom.


Start by logging in to your YouTube channel.

  1. Navigate to YouTube Studio
  2. Click on live stream icon ((•)) Go Live
  3. Click on Schedule stream (blue button)
  4. Create new or reuse settings, insert info and png slide
  5. Change the Title.
  6. Set to Private
  7. Set the date and time to be the start time of the meeting.
  8. Change thumbnail as needed.
  9. Select Not made for kids allows chat enabled
  10. Click Create
  11. Enable auto-start
  12. Do not enable auto-stop
  13. Closed captions disabled
  14. Select a stream key
  15. Note the Stream URL and Stream key +shareable link to Zoom

Now you are ready to configure Zoom



Log in to Zoom with the account that is going to host the event.

  1. Select Webinars in the left pane
  2. Click on the meeting to open it for editing
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click the More tab.
  4. In the Live streaming section: Click Configure… button.
  5. Enter the following items:
    1. Stream URL (copied from YouTube)
    2. Stream key (copied from YouTube)
    3. Live streaming page URL (this is the ‘Get shareable link…)
    4. Leave checkboxes unselected.


On the day

Join the Zoom meeting, 10 mins before

  1. Start the stream between Zoom and YouTube (Note: this is needed, even though auto-start was configured in YouTube).
  2. Click ...More > Live on Custom Live Streaming Service
  3. Click Participants
  4. Make the main speaker the host More > Make host.
  5. Now you can Leave the meeting, and you can’t end it.
  6. Stop the stream sometime after the meeting has finished.


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